RSC Recruitment works with a client base that covers a wide range of industries across the UK. We believe we owe our success to our unique approach to delivering results at all levels of support and experience, and we are proud to offer a service that goes over and above traditional recruitment practices. With many years of combined experience, we are made up of a passionate and dedicated team, bringing understanding and professionalism to every role we fill. We always aim to foster a professional, supportive relationship with both our clients and our candidates and full confidentiality is maintained throughout all our recruitment campaigns. All candidates are pre-interviewed, with careful observance of their skills, experience, reliability, aspirations and track record. We obtain references and only the highest calibre candidates are selected.

Industry Specialities

RSC work with all industries and across all sectors, but we are also uniquely placed to provide specialist recruitment support to the following industries:

  • FM Soft Services & Hard FM
  • Catering & Hospitality
  • Media & Telecoms
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Private Healthcare

We have filled every type of position within these industries; from Field Supervisor to Director level, and office support roles such as Finance Directors, Secretaries, Administrators, Business Development, Sales and Marketing and HR.