HR Consultancy

RSC Associates provide a comprehensive and cost effective range of specialist HR solutions to both UK and overseas businesses. We offer a range of affordable HR services from a fully Outsourced HR Department, Pay As You Go, on Site HR Support, to a sounding board. Our experts and experienced HR professionals are available to provide services tailored to specific needs of your business. The range of HR services available are being utilised by small newly established; early stage businesses, developing and well established organisations.

RSC delivers a range of functional services, from one-off projects such as introducing performance appraisal systems to providing advice on line management & strategic integration through to offering more on-going HR support specific to your business needs.

Managing Employees

HR/People Skills for Managers

Employees Handbook Incorporating Policies & Procedures

Job Description/Person Specification

Performance Appraisal

Continuous Training & Development

Employee Engagement

Managing/Leading Change

Leadership Development

Design Knowledge/Managers Toolkit


Engaging and targeted HR, leadership and Line management courses can help the future success of your business and could help to meet your regulatory responsibilities.

RSC provides HR Management courses which make it easier for you to provide your leadership team and employees with the HR and Line management training they require. RSC offers HR training courses in a variety of formats include face-to-face courses and e-learning modules to enable you find the right mode of HR training for your staff. Basically, our training agenda is to promote and support the employees’ development to enhance performance, and organisational effectiveness by providing a high quality and seasonal training program.

People can learn new information, re-learn and reinforce development of existing knowledge and skills, and most importantly our training programs are designed to include new options that can help employees to improve their effectiveness at work. Our training programs convey relevant and useful information that inform participants and develop new skills and behaviours that are critical to a better work place environment. That means our training is designed to meet individuals aspirations, departmental objectives and organisational needs. This is the reason why the goal of the RSC training program is to create an impact that lasts beyond the end time of the training itself.